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KMA began working with The Artist Tree in June of 2022 for a short term project to open their location in Fresno, California.
In the first 100 days, we secured 42 placements in 38 different outlets. At the time, they were racing to become the first dispensary in the city. With a tight turnaround, we secured placements in television, radio, social media, print, and
online media.

After the initial three month project, The Artist Tree hired KMA as their sole public relations firm. We have since secured 215+ stories in 170 outlets in less than a year. Our
team has utilized traditional PR, events, social media,
marketing, speaking ops, and other tools to help them grow from five to seven locations with three more to
open in 2023, establishing them as the ones to watch for
cannabis retail.

KMA has carefully established the The Artist Tree founding members as “go to” experts in the cannabis industry, which has enabled them to be consulted in Yahoo!, The Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, High Times, etc. We have also secured features on the brand as a whole in MG, Leaf Magazines, and more. KMA also highlighted The Artist Tree in an influencer campaign called “Mistletoke” and included the brand in a 420 gifting.

Meanwhile, we also worked with them to bring attention to their consumption lounge, securing both calendar listings and highlights in roundups while helping plan and promote events ranging from “High Tea,” Pole Dancing, Drag Queen Brunches, Burlesque performances and more.

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