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In September of 2022, Kip Morrison & Associates was retained to help climate scientist Eloisa Lewis introduce the newly formed think tank, New Climate Culture, composed of experts recognized worldwide for their climate and environmental work. New Climate Culture works with leading scientists, mycologists, marine biologists and remediation experts to provide cutting-edge solutions to help companies and communities abate the climate crisis worldwide.

Using our expertise in media relations and our vast journalistic network, the agency set to work connecting Lewis with reporters across a range of industries including print and broadcast interviews. Her range of real world and academic experience gave us an endless list of speaking topics - from the role of permaculture in preventing natural disasters to the risk fast fashion and fast decor pose to our planet to managing sustainability goals in nascent industries like cannabis.


Within our first 90 days, KMA secured interviews for Lewis in top tier outlets including Yahoo News, Politico, AOL, Accuweather, House Digest, in addition to several podcast appearances.


Today, less than a year into our relationship, our full-service public relations effort has led to 40+ media placements in notable outlets including Yahoo, Forbes Vetted, The Weather Channel, Better Homes & Gardens, MindBodyGreen, Good Day Stateline, and Bloomberg Businessweek among others. The combined potential reach of this exposure is more than 30 billion individuals.


Due to our efforts, her phone is ringing with inquiries from both potential partners and investors from Arizona to Boston. Lewis is now sought out as an expert on climate and environmental issues, with KMA successfully positioning her as a thought leader on television, podcasts and as a speaker on panels and at high profile conferences and industry events.

Image by NASA

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