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Image by Marco Allegretti

Psilouette is changing the landscape of psychedelicassisted therapies thanks to its educational approach to mental health and patient needs. An LA-based entheogenic wellness company committed to delivering patients with a vast variety of entheogenic wellness products and resources, Psilouette has ushered in a new era of mental health therapies, making the healing powers of mushrooms more accessible and approachable than ever before.

Combining his personal experience of psychedelicassisted therapies and professional background in both the CPG and cannabis industries, Psilouette’s founder, Derek Chase, has been a trailblazer in the medicinal mushroom community, promoting the benefits of psilocybin, psychedelic education and the decriminalization of mushrooms through his entrepreneurial endeavors.


Psilouette’s product line includes vegan psilocybin-infused gummies, chocolates and teas. Products are available in both micro and macro doses, making Psilouette perfect for novices and experienced patients alike. Taking an effects-based approach to entheogenic wellness, each product is meant to be administered to target a specific needs area whether it be sexual health, mental clarity, sleep deprivation or other common maladies of the modern age.

Gaining momentum as one of the most popular entheogenic companies in the US, Psilouette has been featured in a number of publications including InsideHook, Cool Material, Leafly and VICE.

Image by Marco Allegretti

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